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Journal Subsea Conference
21 September 2016, Singapore

Asian Offshore Support <br />Journal Subsea Conference


A unique one day event specifically for subsea contractors, vessel operators, oil and gas majors, shipyards, equipment suppliers and technology providers working in Asian markets. We'll examine the key commercial drivers, technologies, regulations and forecast demand for subsea vessels and services in Asia.

Wednesday 21 September 2016

08:00 Registration, coffee and networking

09:00 Chairman’s Introduction and welcome from Riviera
Edwin Lampert, Group Managing Editor, Riviera Maritime Media 


Subsea vessel demand is set to grow at 5.2 per cent over the next five years, Asia will be the single largest market with an anticipated 18.7 per cent of the total expenditure according to Douglas Westwood.  Find out how the leading contractors respond to supply chain pressures on cost. When do analysts and subsea leaders see the market recovering?

09.05  Introduction from the session chair

09.10 Outlook and opportunities for the subsea vessel sector

  • Market predictions vs market realities
  • Basis of forecasts
  • Analysing where we are in the market cycle
  • Who stays and who goes?
  • Subsea asset map and utilisation
  • Emerging opportunities from light MPSVs to more sophisticated vessels

Thom Payne, Associate Director, Douglas-Westwood

09:40 “View from the top”: Ensuring subsea operations are match fit in today's environment

  • Keeping up with innovation relevant to services required
  • Meeting safety and service quality requirements of operators with reduced cost
  • Dealing with change in contract scope and huge discount demands
  • Strategies on gaining projects, maintaining market position and crew competence while handling profit pressures   
  • How are they aligning their plans with their expectations of the future?

Dr Alf-Kåre Ådnanes, VP, Head of BU Marine and Ports China, ABB​
Vivek Seth, CEO, Halul Offshore

Phil Kwon, Naval Architect, SeaTech Solutions International 

10.20 Q&As

10:35 Closing remarks from the session chair

10:40 Networking break in the exhibition area


This session provides an update on vessel requirements, operating conditions, local rules around and outside Asia. The specifics of Asian market requirements to secure contracts, finance, partners, and manage risks. 

11.20 Exploring a winning commercial strategy for the subsea sector

  • Asset utilisation and market strategy for various MSV / DSV categories
  • Advantages and disadvantages of having larger construction vessels
  • Regional mix of markets being served from Asia
  • Challenges, issues and plans ahead for the subsea fleet

Kurush Contractor, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kreuz Subsea

11.40  Banker’s Perspectives: Unique acquisition opportunities in down cycles

  • Appetite for lending in the current oil price scenario
  • Sources and availability of financing
  • Factors considered when making an investment decision
  • Challenges and strategies on securing finance

Andy Yeo, Partner, Pareto Securities
Kay Lim, Vice President, Oil & Gas Specialist, Mezzanine Capital Unit, OCBC Bank

12.20 Q&A

12.40 Networking lunch in the exhibition area


The installation maintenance and repair (IMR) of existing infrastructure accounts for 42 per cent of the total vessel operating day requirements — the largest of all market segments according to Douglas Westwood. The IMR market is driven by conventional, shallow water infrastructure. The majority of subsea developments in the Asian region are located in shallow waters. Find out what is driving growth around the region and find out about opportunities in the IMR market.

13.50 Introduction from the session chair

13.55 IMR trends for life of field support in shallow and mid-water

  • IMR application and operations in shallow water
  • Vessel design, features and technologies
  • Market characteristics and technical requirements
  • Trends, activity and demand outlook

Venkatraman Sheshashayee, Chief Executive Officer, Miclyn Express Offshore

14.15 Myanmar Oil and Gas Update

  • Latest developments in the oil and gas sector
  • Securing contracts and opportunities
  • Decision making processes, challenges and issues
  • Business culture and key learnings on operating in Myanmar
  • Future activities, tenders and projects

David Walker, Advisor, Parami Energy

14.35 Petroleum resources potential in Timor Leste

  • Offshore as well as Joint Petroleum Development Area
  • Update on the petroleum activities in Timon Leste
  • Experience sharing on success and challenges in offshore oil and gas
  • Current reviews of the Petroleum Legal Framework in the country
  • Way forward

Mateus da Costa, Director - Explorations and Acreage Release, Explorations and Acreage Release Directorate, Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo Timor Leste

14.55 Q&A

15.10 Closing remarks from the session chair

15.15 Networking break in the exhibition area


15.55 Introduction from session chair

A closer look at the latest innovation in subsea vessels.  Ever increasing capability and complexity is needed to meet production demands for the challenges of deeper water and more remote locations. Learn how to better equip your vessels with the latest technology.

16.00 Hybrid Boom Crane: Going deeper with heavier loads

  • Specifications of the Hybrid Boom Crane
  • Benefits of Wire Rope Spacer and double fall operations
  • Case study
  • Developing the subsea installation industry

Wilco Stavenuiter, Sales Manager Singapore, Huisman Equipment

16.15 Deep water deployment & recovery with synthetic fibre ropes

  • Optimising lift and lowering – Fiber Rope Deployment System
  • Replacing steel wire rope by fibre ropes: LankoDeep rope
  • Rope full scale testing and certification

Sérgio Leite, Sales  Director, Lankhorst Ropes

16.30 Subsea Installation using Subsea Vessel

  • Subsea installation overview
  • Deep water installation challenge
  • Installation analysis methods and requirements
  • Green developments on subsea installation methods

Jiexin Zheng, Engineer, ABS Singapore Innovation Research Center (SIRC)

16.45 Deep Ocean exploration using field proven fibre rope technology
Sverre Torben, Technology Manager, Rolls-Royce Marine, Deck Machinery

17.00 Case study: Vessels for pipelaying and construction

  • OCV design trends and technical developments
  • Feedback on technical specifications
  • Developing multi-purpose vessel platforms
  • How can new designs facilitate access to new frontiers?

Phil Kwon, Naval Architect, SeaTech Solutions International 

17.15 Q&A

17.35 Closing remarks from the chairman

17.40 End of conference

* Programme subject to amendments/change

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