Asian Offshore Support
Journal Subsea Conference 21 September 2016, Singapore

Asian Offshore Support <br />Journal Subsea Conference

Asian Offshore Support Journal Subsea conference

Positioning yourself for the longer term growth in the subsea market

Douglas-Westwood forecasts that global subsea vessel operations expenditure will total US$97.7 billion between 2016 and 2020.  The growth will be driven not only by volumes of work, but also by the growing use of higher-end vessels capable of coping increasingly harsh operating conditions and evolving customer requirements for safety and operational efficiency.

The IMR of existing infrastructure will account for 42% of the total vessel-operational-day requirements- the largest of all subsea market segment.  Asia will dominate global IMR requirements, it is becoming an increasingly attractive market to international contractors as local operators turn to more modern DSVs/ MSV assets to improve operational efficiency. The majority of subsea developments in Asia are located in shallow waters, but it is expected to move toward water depths beyond 1000m over the next 5 years.  Deepwater developments are driven by projects such as Chevron’s Gandang, Gehem and Gendalo fields. Reliance Industries’ M-1, Shell’s Kamunsu East, Malaysia and India are expected to account for the largest field-development-related vessel demand in Asia from 2015 to 2019.

The Asian Offshore Support Journal Subsea conference will gather together subsea contractors, vessel operators, shipyards, equipment suppliers and technology experts to discuss latest innovation, vessel design and solutions for oil companies that will enable them to have an efficient, safe and cost-effective subsea operations.   

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"A good balance of commercial and technological challenges facing the industry in the current market cycle...informative and a good opportunity to network with future customers and industry peers."

Phil Stewart, Solstad Offshore

"Decent summary of TI/TR regional subsea industry status and outlook."

Bart Pols, Thrustmaster

Very good, attendees are good quality and this makes all the difference! Informative, insightful and good debates.

Richard Bowcutt, Rolls Royce